Capture Media LLC. Is a full service digital marketing agency based in Santa Monica, CA working with our clients to produce specific marketing strategies for our customer to lead them to success.

Our company structure begins as we concentrate on building a complete full service digital marketing platform on the web for our clients and their customers.

We learn what’s important about our customers businesses and their products and/or services with clear, powerful messaging that really makes a difference to your consumers. The marketing professionals at Capture Media have the expertise to influence your digital marketing presence in a way that maximizes your ROI.

Capture Media has a strong background of running marketing campaigns, using social media, web design, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We adapt our creativity of marketing skills to directly affect how our client’s products and services are communicated and delivered to their customers. Capture Media incorporates the use of a digital marketing tools to place a company in the right direction using updated methodologies.

The marketing strategies are designed to focus on the requirements of businesses in today’s world. Leveraging the right presentation tactics that work with our clients and their customers.

Our Mission

To have businesses across the globe know the importance of integrating digital marketing into their industry and for companies to enhance their marketing strategies with the right tools to promote their businesses online.

Our Founder/President

Oren Shiri is a native of Los Angeles with a Master in Technology Management from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His career in marketing began working behind the desk at his father’s company at a young age. Oren next worked in the media for CBS Sports Los Angeles as Editor and Social Media Specialist. In 2013, he discovered the opportunities to help other companies grow and succeed. This included many types of businesses, ranging from neighborhood restaurants to local salons. His vision to have companies succeed is now becoming a reality.

Oren is a natural at marketing and advertising and is a master with using social media tools. He is an experienced individual with a creative spark and is team-oriented with abilities to lead the development of social media campaigns and promotions designed to increase brand awareness, improve organic search rankings and build relationships with customers. He understands that marketing is all about growing a business and making customers happy.

Our Staff

Capture Media is a diverse group of people in the industry who work together to develop a solid approach. Building the changing ways people gather, act and share information in today’s digital world. Capture Media team of professionals specialize in social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web design and development, videography, graphic design, e-commerce and marketing consulting. Committed to supporting B2C and B2B clients leverage the rapid development of digital online marketing.

The marketing solutions Capture Media applies is directed to drive client engagement, conversion and bottom line results. We combine our services to contribute to better ways of digital advertising and building relationships.